Following a 2016 that saw them working in the studio alongside some of music’s most exciting names ¬¬ from living legend Kanye West to breakout star Khalid ¬¬ DJDS, the Grammy¬-nominated electronic duo of Sam Griesemer and Jerome Potter, is back today to share a new video. The duo’s single “Trees On Fire,” the first piece of new music that DJDS released in 2017, receives a visual treatment directed by Griesemer and Potter themselves. Speaking about the video’s inspiration they said, “It started with a drive we took with Marco up the coast. We ate shrimp at a roadside place and then filmed some stuff in the hills above the ocean. We thought about if Terrence Malick had no equipment no crew and just his cell phone. That’s the style we like, sort of bootleg transcendental.”

Watch the video here.