cosmic vibrations

Record label owner and multi-dexterous performer Zeb Samuels is unleashing a full compilation album, ‘Cosmic Vibrations’ via UK tastemaker label Deep Heads.

‘Cosmic Vibrations’ is a masterful production, combining the voices of the Deep Heads’ family to curate a deeply immersive fusion of dreamy electronica and downtempo soundscapes.

Featuring the likes of Flying Lotus, Synkro, Bonobo, Biome, Ash Walker, BadBadNotGood and Kaytranada, the finished product generously offers seven unreleased tracks as part of a thirteen track polychromatic masterpiece, including three tracks from Zeb himself, all previously unreleased.

Born and raised in London, Zeb Samuels has been a prominent figure in the music industry, having worked on releases with Synkro (R&S, Apollo) with his label Smokin’ Sessions, Reso (Hospital Records), Vivek, Djrum and more recently Escapism Refuge, that he worked as Executive Producer & Composer on the album ‘Hold’. Zeb also worked very closely with Ash Walker as Executive Producer, Writer & Performer on his studio albums that have been received world-wide as ground breaking records with critical acclaim.

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